because I have all this free time on my hands (NOT) I made this bizarre commitment to finally write a screenplay that’s been in my head a loooong time.

I had wanted to partner with someone to write it because frankly I fear that if I don’t have someone to collaborate with it will never happen. Unfortunately, the person I hoped to tap is already tapped as it were…so, I’m striking out on my own, at least for the first draft.

So ScriptFrenzy…30 days, 100 pages. That’s the goal. It happens to come during a month in which I will be traveling a lot and spending time at the Festival of Faith and Writing…so, that’s appropriate I guess.

I’m about 9 pages in.

If you want to read it as it unfolds I am open to that. Just send me a note via email (mrsmetaphor at mrsmetaphor dot com) and let me know you’d like to read it. I’ll send you a cool password to this page. Just remember my paper thin ego and lavish lots of praise and encouragement. That’s all I ask.

Once the revisions start you can give me real feedback. Right now it’s all about finishing. Oy.


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