I’m considering the implausible nature of this Christian faith today, Easter Sunday. I’m considering that God would take on flesh, live and dwell among us…

that He would subject Himself to a scorn and abuse and then the most torturous death of His day, a death reserved for those most hated….

that He rose from the sleep of death 3 days later…to the suprise of his friends and detractors…

that He would bring The Great Comforter to us, the presence of the Holy Spirit to dwell within us…

and that He would then ascend into Heaven, returning to His place in Divinity…

and that He would promise to come again…

all of this in the name of His great love for us.

This is a completely crazy thing to believe.

In everything we do here, whether you subscribe to this crazy story or not, do all things in the name of this sort of love.
This is redemption.
This is Christ.


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