I’m overloaded. I really am. Gah.

As soon as I get settled on an idea I have thirty new ones. My ideas are rabbits in a cage. They multiply and create all new families of ideas. They’re fuzzy and warm and have a lot of potential. That’s as far as I’m going with that there analogy…because before you know it I’ll be on to rabbit stew and rabbit coats and both of those things are abhorrent to me. Bleh.

So back to this deep well of my brain. I like my brain, I really do. It’s just bossy and loud and overloaded. It’s times like this I feel like I need a week at a hermitage. Maybe a week is not long enough. I need a lifetime at a hermitage so compensate for the crazy pace of this brain.

Sadly, what this means is that I actually need to live several lifetimes. I need to be Methuselah. Can that be arranged? Text me if you know who I need to contact about that. I have cash money and chocolate to trade.


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