finding “finding”…

I don’t “hate” having to do self promotion and I’m not terrible at it…it’s just uncomfortable for me.

When I was working in the film industry, starting out freelance I thought, mistakenly, “If I’m good at what I do and people want to hire me they will.” What I understood later, when I had a staff job in the industry is that I hired people who not only sent their resumes but those who called me, showed up at my office, make overtures that would make them stand out from among the 100 resumes I received each week.

People who wanted the work were the ones who pursued me in it. I got some really lucky breaks as a freelancer, thankfully. Because of that I didn’t starve or change careers. It taught me a great lesson though: self promotion has it’s place.

So, in light of this little insight I’m letting you know I’ve published a book of my poetry. It’s my first time. Be gentle.

You can find “finding” HERE
The download is free but if you like it and want a lovely copy laying around to read as the mist drifts in after a storm then you know, we gots that too.


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