growing up catholic…

I’ve written about my forgetfulness issues and also my issues with keeping a hand hold on the creative “muse” haven’t I?

Yeah, so the other day while I was driving (because I’m always either driving, vacuuming or in the shower when it hits me) I had this idea for a poem. I cannot EVEN tell you what it was about…but it was awesome. I repeated it over and over in the car and then I dunno, I went through a Starbuck’s drivethru or something and it was gone, daddy, gone.

So when I got home I decided to write a poem about the poem I forgot…and this is what came to me. It’s amazing how a poem begins the way I intend for it to begin and then it’s as if it develops on it’s own, like a child…me guiding it as far as I can and then it chooses it’s own path. I had no idea this is where it would go…but I like it. I think it needs a little guidance yet, I’m not ready to let it live a life on paper somewhere but I thought I’d put it here today anyhow.

It feels like this is going to be something I write about a great deal in the coming year…on the heels of this, my prophetic little poem…

Growing up Catholic

i wrote a poem
in my head
on Friday

i admit
it was witty and stirring
cocoa on a cold day
time stopping
but powerful
soul restoring
a full blown
weekend festival
of wise strongman sideshow
and humorous anecdote
wrapped in fish and chips paper
the smell
still swimming in me
the feel
of grease on my fingers
the memory
flooding back to me
all a reminder
of lenten fridays
growing up Catholic

i wrote a poem
in my head
on Friday
and then it rained
i should’ve used
i think,
permanent ink.


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