Writing shouldn’t feel like cleaning the bathroom. Today it feels a little like cleaning the bathroom, a task I ought to do because it’s time for it to be done but not one I feel like doing. It stinks sometimes.

So in light of that feeling I thought I’d write about writing today.

I am not a technical writer, I’m not a journalist, a copywriter or a ghost writer. I don’t write for money. I never have done. It’s not a daily practice, I don’t hone my skillz…I’m a fairly lazy writer truth be told.

Nobody has ever asked me why I write. I’d like to think though that if anyone ever did I’d be all dewey eyed and mystical while saying “I write….because….I MUST…” Ha! Nu-uh…I don’t have to write. I can keep it to myself quite easily.

I’d like to be able to say that I write because I have this feeling that there is a great unsaid thing out there and that it is my calling to articulate the great unsaid thing. Sadly, though…I’m pretty sure I write because I have something to say and I like the attention.

It’s not quite as noble or as lofty as believing I’m articulating an unheard or misunderstood global truth I suppose but it’s a start. I’ll get to the grout one day but for now I’m happy to at least get the toothpaste off the mirror so that I can see my own face again.


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