Today I am reflecting on my life. Ok, fine, I reflect on my life everyday, we all know that. It’s almost annoying at times, I get it.

Anyhow, today I am reflecting on my life because it’s my birthday. 43 years ago today I was born.

When I think about the day of my birth I am moved to emotion. I know my story. I think everyone should know the story of the day they were born. I believe that’s important, no matter how lacking of details, no matter how seemingly mundane, the story of your birth is remarkable. Every birth is remarkable.

43 years ago today my mother was living with my Aunt Carole and my Uncle Ed in Dayton, Ohio with my older brother. My dad was in Vietnam. My uncle worked as an aeronautical engineer at Wright Patterson Airforce Base.

I know that I was overdue. I know that my mom was pulling her hair out because I was overdue. (All of my children have been past their due date so I understand that feeling now, certainly.) I know that my mom was afraid and lonely. She was overwhelmed with single parenting and the idea of having a baby while my dad was away.

My aunt made steak and potatoes for dinner that night with spicy peppers, Texas style (her specialty) and not long after that my mom went into labor.

My uncle brought her in. My mom says that everything went fast once she got there and that she got sick because she’d just eaten. She told me that the nurses gave her some grief about that…which breaks my heart. I was born a couple of hours later, around 9 or 9:30pm. It was two days after her birthday.

My story means a lot to me. If you don’t know your story I encourage you to find it, write it down, reflect upon it. Your story is remarkable, it is the story of you. If you have a child I invite you to write it down for them, speak of it often with tears and joy and heartfelt emotion.

I am thankful today for this story, this family, these friends, this life.


3 thoughts on “story…

  1. My wee man was born on my birthday so I immediately feel a kind of affinity with your mum! You’re right, my Mum told me and she told me about my brother too and knowing helped me when I was giving birth.



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