dear one
I’m writing today to tell you that you are loved, greatly loved.

I had a sense that this was a day that needed a word. I realize, of course, that there are many days like this. I realize, of course that every day is a day like this but for some reason I am drawn to write to you today to say this, I love you. If everything else falls away and there is nothing left then know that you are loved, greatly loved.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, about not receiving this word from me. I promise that there is always someone, writing to you. It may not come as missive, it may be instead a sound on the wind or a song the radio. It may be a moment of joy escaping from the lips of the child in front of you or a quiet sob coming from behind. It may be a phone call from far away or postcard in the mail, a paragraph from a book you left unfinished or a line from a poem you had forgotten. There is always someone writing to you, beloved, to affirm that you are loved.
I promise this is true.
don’t forget.

-mrs m.


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