I could use a poet in my closet, I mean a really good poet who can tell me where to place the punctuation and which words to take out- not so much collaboration but consultation, not surrogate but supplement. My own personal literary nanny.

When my poems become unruly I bring out the poet to usher them to the park, quickly, before I lose my temper. When the poems hang on me and keep me from the dishes I bring out the poet to stay and sing to them. When the poems won’t work and sit, sullen on the floor, I bring out the poet to cajole them into compliance, not stopping until the job is finished.

When the poems are remarkable then, I put the poet back in place and take credit for the work. I desperately need a poet in my closet for those days when the poet I am feels,
not enough
and failing.

©adc 2010


3 thoughts on “acolyte…

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