story of my life…

Well, at least it’s the story of my life at the moment:

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday cleaning these windows. I love these windows, especially in the morning when the light filters in at a slanty angle. It cuts across the line of trees bordering our property and reaches into these windows each morning, the long fingers on a hand of some celestial caretaker.

The very definition of “quotidian” is epitomized right here in this photo. This is just the reality of my life at the moment as mother of small children. I keep waiting for the day when they don’t follow me around laying waste to everything I’ve just cleaned. I’m told I’ll be sad when that happens.

Today as I sit here sipping my coffee amonst the chaos and pandemonium I’m willing to see this visual as a reminder of the value of the quotidian. I’m willing to see this as a reminder that no matter how much I try to keep some handle on the world around me there will always end up being handprints on the glass….and a reminder to buy more windex.


1 thought on “story of my life…

  1. I miss those handprints. We always knew how tall Nicole was by how high prints creeped up the wall. Now she is almost as old as I was when I had her…treasure those prints, forget the windex!!

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