going forward…

I am so thankful for all of you. Mrs Metaphor has been a mindful place for me to paddle my ol canoe down this murky stream of consciousness for a few years now. Today I’m reflecting on the good folks who take time to come by and check it out. Thanks for that…it eases my “tree falling in a forest” fears and for that I’m grateful.

Going forward I thought that perhaps I ought to offer some structure for this here mind field. In effect it gives you some idea of what to expect when you pull up to the front gate, alrighty then?

Missive Monday
On mondays I’m going to write you a letter. It is written just for you so take it to heart. I mean what I say.

Poetry among Friends
On tuesday I’ll roll out poetry…yours, mine, others…it’s high brow all the way, baby.

Ordinary Time
On Wednesday we check in with ordinary time…things we do everyday, reflections on the daily, the quotidian…maybe during Advent and Lent I’ll switch it up but mostly it’s all about doing the dishes and finding the awesome in that.

Since in depth studies show that on Thursdays you lot are busy catching up on all the work you neglected up til now whilst reading my blog, Thursdays I’m off. Maybe I’ll post about being off or maybe I won’t post at all. It’s a grab bag, so there. I’ll surprise you if you happen to stop by.

Hopefully I’ll post some photos on fridays…I’ll give this a try but between you and me I’m not much of a fotographer…I’m pictorially challenged but the visual is starting to grow on me, I’ll take a picture of it and show you. Maybe I’ll talk about it, maybe not. You know me, though, the absence of words would be a little bit o’ torture for me…so there’s that.

(This is where YOU say, “You are SO organizized Mrs M!” Ready? Go.)

That’s the plan, party people. I’m in charge here though so if it doesn’t work out quite this way then it’s for a REALLY good reason…which I will post on the weekend when everyone is out having fun with the family.


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