one thing…

This is the only time I’m going to ask you this. Seriously.

You see that little button below the post? It says something like “share this” or some such thing.

Here’s what I want to ask…we’re all friends here, aren’t we? That’s not the question, that was just a build up to the question.

The real question is, when you like a post you read here can you share it? Will you? Won’t you? You never know, someone else you hang with might really need to read something along those lines at that very moment.

It’d help me out a lot. It really would. 🙂
thanks, friend.

-mrs m.


3 thoughts on “one thing…

  1. Hi I like meta-phors, when I come upon them I am taking a advance English class now, and we go over all kinds of terms. Some I have known since grade school, others like triangles and types of rhymes I am familiarizing myself with now.

  2. The real question is “if you say something really meaningful that touches me don’t I have an obligation to inform and encourage you by a) commenting and b) sharing?

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