things to do on the weekend…

I’m not much for posting on the weekends. I can’t promise I’ll never post on weekends here but mostly I just hang back and work on poems that aren’t working for one reason or another. Meh. They are cakes that maybe taste good but look weird or pies that look perfect and taste like crap.

I wonder if I ought to take up baking instead of poetry writing on saturdays.

So today I’m working on a poem about meeting my Maker. It’s not as dire as the title implies…it’ll be really lovely. Right now it both tastes and looks questionable though, artistically speaking. Still I keep beating it…adding more flour…more vanilla…more metaphor…more ellipses…

I’ve got one good line so far which I’ll share, don’t steal it alright?

when i met him
i was naked

If you want something good to read on weekends when I’m not posting good lines of a poem I’m writing that doesn’t work then you can check out my blogroll…these here are fabulous folks…hard workers and all around good people. In fact, I’d love to add you to my linky list and be added to yours if you’re so inclined, friends…send me a note.

Go outside and be poetry today, people…I need more inspiration. 🙂


4 thoughts on “things to do on the weekend…

  1. I am with my dad right now, and he is at life’s end. It’s beautiful really. The hospice nurse said it was a holy place, and it is. This life slowly draws down as he is ushered into eternity.

    Naked…only now unashamed

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