missive: light

Dear one,

The light is changing now. Did you notice it?

I have an artist friend online who talks about the light all the time. She notices every nuance of that light. For most of us we see what the light brings out but an artist sees not only what is illuminated but also what makes it so. I love this.

Here’s something to consider in seeing the light. The sun moves across the sky but it doesn’t really change. We change. The earth turns on it’s lopsided axis as we all ride around that great star. The clouds will obscure and then clear far above and the trees and buildings make shadows here below. The sun is the constant here. The light changes because we change, because we build, because we move, because we hide.

Are you in a place right now to see outside? Turn and look. Look at how the light changes from moment to moment…brighter then subtle and back again. When it strengthens itself and pauses to caress your hand, your face, your leg, will you let it in? What will it look like to let that light sink into you, sink into your pores?

The light is changing because you are changing. Did you notice it?

-mrs m


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