missive: strong

Dear one,
You’re strong, stronger than you’ve been for a long time. You may read this and know it immediately, you might see the truth in yourself without any hesitation. I’m here to affirm what you already know. It’s possible also, that you might not feel that. Today might be a day that you read this statement and toss it aside as if it’s not for you, as if it cannot possibly be for you.

Remember though, that the way we feel doesn’t always convey what’s true about us. Feeling weak doesn’t mean we ARE in fact weak, it might mean we’re tired, we’re weary, we’re in need of rest but we are certainly not weak.

No, you’re strong. You are. Consider all the metaphorical and literal heavy lifting you do in a day. If you sat and wrote that down I think you’d surprise yourself. Maybe it would impress you, maybe it would depress you. I’m not going to ask you to write a list today, though. I’m going to ask you to recognize your strength, to trust that it is there, that you are strong.

You don’t need to find one example of it today, you don’t need to shore up this belief, you don’t need to validate it or prove it. I’m telling you that you’re strong, stronger than you have ever been because you are there, because you are searching, because you have lived this long in a world where the task of loving is weight training. Loving well, as in weight training, requires showing up, requires care, attention, good form. You show up, you do the work. You’re strong. Know this today.


-mrs m


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