missive: gift

Dear one,

We’ve entered into a season of waiting. Perhaps you’ve been in this season already, for a long time. Perhaps it feels as though the waiting will never end, that the days of your life are spilling out behind you, hemorrhaging the joy you have stored inside of you.

When we see this happening do you know what we tend to do? We tend to tuck inside of ourselves and hide away. We think, “when the time is right my life will begin.”

We walk away from a great gift when we don’t trust in the process, when we hide ourselves in the waiting. The truth is that joy is a currency that needs spending, friend. We cannot hide ourselves away in our waiting. We cannot gain anything from withholding the joy in us.

It’s a risk to spend joy, to dole it out around us. It’s a risk that once spent we’ll remain empty, that we’ll be both alone and empty in our waiting.

What makes this risk worth taking is the knowledge that the joy we have in us did not begin there, that it’s been passed along from the breath of God into the earth and the wind and the guy on the bus and the grocery store clerk and the child at the park. Joy is contagious, it really is. Joy is meant to be passed along.

Look inside yourself today, no matter what your circumstance. Find the joy hidden in you, one small moment of joy you’ve been saving up and spend it, share it, give it away, pass it on.

This is the gift you have in you, this is the gift we all have to offer.

don’t forget

-mrs m.


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