missive: sacrifice

Dear One,

I wonder if today you are finding the value of you.

I’m reminded today of “It’s a wonderful life” I suppose because we’re getting close to that time when the television stations begin to air the movie, when greeting card companies post quotes and retailers show clips and generally barrage us with the message they need to get across in order to get us to buy their goods…and I thought of you and how valuable you are…

I have something I am selling today, I have something I want you to buy. It will cost you something, I won’t lie. In a way what I want you to buy is not quite a fair trade for it’s cost. It far exceeds the price, although I don’t know if you’ll believe that at first. I don’t know if you’ll believe it for a long while perhaps.

I want you to know your value…that just as in the film, your life has touched and continues to touch all the lives around you. That chaos swirling outside of you would not stop if you were no longer in the eye of that storm. That din would silence in your head, certainly, but your voice and your outrageously creative and interesting thoughts would be silenced as well.

What is at stake for you to take my word for it that you have great value here on this small blue planet? What do you stand to lose by simply believing that your value is not negotiable, that you are so very important in the grand scheme of things?

You’re holding on to something that holds you back from believing this. You’re holding it tight in your fist, so tight that you are frightened to crack open that fist to see it in the light. I’ll trade you this hope for that fear in your fist. Open your hands, friend…give me that fear, give me that thing that keeps your from knowing you’re important, you’re valuable, you’re beautiful. It is a sacrifice to release that, I understand that. Still, give it to me.

We’ll place it on the altar. We’ll light it on fire and watch it burn. We’ll hold each other and see the smoke rise and the ash scatter.

I know you can do this.


-mrs m.


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