Advent: sound and water…

I done wrote me an Advent poem. I hope it reflects effectively my general “scrooge-ness” this year. This “scrooge-ness” is new for me, I’m usually hopeful in the face of this season…I have some weirdness this year with an exploration of Orthodoxy, with a move to a new house, a lot of uncertainty with a lot of structural pieces of my life. This makes sense to me. So, here ’tis…read it aloud if you have the freedom to do that.

Advent: sound and water

the season shift
not always conveyed
by weather or intention
I yield then
to other channels-
shopping or television,
blinking lights
adding population
to otherwise bare porches
pulsing noise
into my arms
coursing into my veins
a river I cannot ride
only swim
only drown
until, through the din
of sound and water
it comes-

a small child,
voice cutting through
the low hanging trees
of branches stinging
the singing rocks
the timbre ringing
takes my face
between two soft hands
each time I look away
with tenderness and
firm conviction
look here
see this now

©adc 2010


4 thoughts on “Advent: sound and water…

    • Oh yeah…I totally meant to do that. Well, ok I didn’t but now that you say it that makes complete sense to me. Your insight actually brings me even closer to what I need today. 🙂

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