solstice to solstice

I really ought to post a “Christmas-y” poem today. I’m not going to do that though, perhaps later in the week. I have some ideas of where I can point you for some sweet Christmas/Advent poem love. Today, however, I’ll give you this tidbit. Been working on this for a couple of weeks now ever since I actually witnessed this event. It would have been an awesome youtube video, seriously. 🙂

solstice to solstice

I would be assuming a great deal in saying
that the woman who leapt from her car
into that frozen day
as I watched from the
warm confinement of my vehicle
was, in fact,
doing some kindness
for the birds
wintering there,
in the parking lot
of the grocery store,
shaking out her coat
and littering the asphalt
with enough crumbs
to sustain them all
from solstice to solstice.

@adc 2010


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