Missive: hardship

Dear One,

I know that your life is not without hardship. Every life has it’s hardship, even the most seemingly pleasant or outwardly privileged life has it’s own flavor of hardship. It’s hard to believe this most days from where we sit, in our own hurting and damaged bodies. Some days it’s impossible to believe this and yet it is true, I promise it is.

Knowing this does not ease our own hurt, our own hardship. I realize that. Too often we turn this knowing into guilt-making. We may push our own concerns to the back of our soul for a short time, hide them away as unimportant or invalid. We can push our concerns, our hurts, our fears to the back of the soul but their voices do not stop speaking to us, they do not stop existing. To deny ourselves, to try to silence our response to our own hardship only confuses us in the long run.

Today, bring those concerns, fears and hurts out into the light. Give them their voice and bring your concerns, your fears and your hurts back into to the light. In the light we know whose voice is speaking. We can look into their faces and know that often, those voices are quite young, in need of our CARE, not our callousness. Treat your fears and hurts with care so that your response to hardship can be transformed from hiding to engagement. Hardship is what ultimately reminds us that we are all connected to one another, reminds us that we are all part of the human family. In engaging our hardship and our response to our hardship we are better able to breathe into someone else when they face their own difficulties. We become open, we gain strength as we gain comfort.

It’s a risk, it’s the way of hope, friend. Don’t forget.


-mrs m.


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