missive: voice

Dear one,

You have a voice, it is soft and beautiful, strong and true. Have you heard it?

I think there may have been a time when you heard a voice you thought belonged to you. You saw it on the road and picked it up. It seemed familiar, it was probably in fact, familial. It was a voice that fit in your head but never very well in your soul. You kept it a long time, kept trying to find the truth in what it said to you, even as you realized how little you liked that voice. I think that perhaps you have gotten to a place where you now know that this voice isn’t yours at all. It may feel scary to let it go. I know it is frightening. It truly is.

We all end up being most afraid of the empty. This is understandable, we are creatures made to be filled, vessels of mud and clay.

I’ll encourage you to put that old, tired voice away. Leave it on the side of the road, it isn’t yours, it never was. As long as that old voice is held close to you it will be impossible to embrace the voice that lives inside of you. Empty your arms so that you can make space for that embrace….and listen then…listen then to your voice. It is soft and beautiful and strong and true.


-mrs m.


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