What do I do when I want to write and have nothing to say? I write anyway. Mostly I write about not knowing what to write. This is the poem born out of my block and my crankypants kinda mood.

(or “In leiu of staring at a blank page”)

Stupid blinking cursor.
Whose idea was a blinking cursor?
Not a writer’s idea, I can tell you that much.
It was some programmer or accountant I’ll wager.
Someone who looks at maps and places little dots in blue ink pen
all along the route
as a kind of running, “you are here” gag.
You are here
and now you are here
and now here
and here.
I don’t need to know I am here.
I know I’m here because I’m here.
Stupid cursor
Jumping in
to each pause,
blinking as if to say-
The only way to stop it’s taunt is to keep typing
Don’t stop to think
catch my breath
form a phrase
just keep barreling down this stream of conscious writing blitz.
You know what?
I’ll drown that cursor
I’ll drown it good
in this stream

©adc 2011


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