missive: laugh

Dear one,

I love your laugh.

There was a moment once, when you were completely unprotected, completely open and ready. You were safe in that moment but I don’t know that you were fully aware of it.

For whatever reason you let yourself sense that feeling or see that image or hear those words so completely that you let your laugh escape you. At first you considered drawing it back in, looking around you as if you had done something risky and perhaps…you had done something risky. And then, in a breath you let it go again. You became the laugh, it vibrated every ounce of you. You stepped out in faith that there was in fact some deep and utter healing in the laughing. You didn’t care about what you gave away just then, how loud your voice became, how it would look or sound to passersby. You abandoned your self to that moment, to that laugh.

And you know, there was deep and utter healing in the laugh. What you let out was not only an expression of joy and delight but also some of the heavy you have carried. It’s alright. There were hands to take the heavy, there are always hands to take it.

Let your laugh out more often, friend. It’s wonderful and contagious and true. We all need to share in that joy. Your joy is a gift to everyone around you.

Don’t forget

-mrs m.


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