genesis: first day…

I’m still writing poetry in the midrash tradition…or at least I’m giving it my best shot…and I’m still in Genesis. I have to admit that I’m breaking from the midrash focus slightly, not using a “troubling” passage or verse but choosing instead bits that stick to me and drawing them out…

Happy poetry tuesday, friends!

genesis: first day

“…and there was evening and there was morning…the first day”

When the earth had cooled, finally, one hand passed close to the other and the air became cloud and wind- its voice a simple whistling, not at all unpleasant.

And then came the water; droplets becoming puddles becoming streams, becoming lakes, becoming ocean, becoming air becoming cloud and wind…

Tasting salt on His tongue and kneeling down, He lifted land – not so gently – using both hands, elbows on the water table. One particle crashing hard into the next until boulder built mountain, earthquaking and undulating,
this- the first violence.

And then, silence again, great heaving silence.


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