arms of God…

Grab bag Thursday brings with it only one revelation…this one is short and it begins in the form of a quote…I like quotes…

“Only in embracing all can we become the arms of God.”
-Coleman Barks

Find out more about Mr Barks here. Suffice it to say that he is a poet and a translator of…yes, of course, Rumi. I’m just that predictable…or maybe I was working with a theme this week…it’s possible. Let’s go with that, huh?

It’s easy to love some people. You know who they are, don’t you? Think on that for a minute. I’ll bet you can dash off that list pretty fast, I know I can.

I can dash off the list of people it’s hard for me to love as well…it may be dashed off even quicker. I’ve saved it up, you see. I’ve put those people into little boxes labeled “tough friends” or “my opposite.” I’m astounded at how I define everyone around me not based on their creation but on how their creation interacts with mine. I guess that’s normal, we are chemical reactions together in this great earth lab. And yet…maybe what makes things really volatile between us isn’t just the me and the you, maybe it’s placing “defense” or “ego” or “pain” or “fear” where God ought to reside.

So, I’m thinking ’bout this today…about extending the arms of God as I walk through it all this week. And because I hate to work alone I have homework for us. It’s something that challenges me, has challenged me a great deal this week, actually. Our homework is to be the arms of God this week. What does it look like for us to “embrace all” in a time when we do not agree, do not like, do not seek out people who are not like us, when our chemicals come together in this great earth lab, what will happen if we extend the arms of God and let Him reside there, I wonder?


1 thought on “arms of God…

  1. I had never read that quote before. Thank you for giving me some challenging things to think about here. Because I do wish to be the arms of God, and to love all others well, not just the ones that are like me. Embracing all is a great way of looking at that.

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