missive: be prepared

Dear one,

You are not prepared for what will happen in the future. None of us can really be prepared for what lies ahead, nor can we know what lies ahead. We can hope, at best, that the sun will rise each morning and set each night. We can hope that the time we spend in the hours we have will be enough, that we will be enough. We can’t know, though. We cannot ever fully prepare for every possibility and the truth is that you are not prepared for what might happen in the future.

You are not prepared but there is good news…you are capable to handle what lies ahead. You are more than capable for the life you have. It may not feel true, I know it seems unreachable to me most days, being capable to handle the chaos of my life, the unknown, the potential grief. It’s true, though. You are capable. There is no one better designed to live your life than you. And yet, each day you run against your limitations, I know this. I can see how frustrated you are, that in all of your ability you still are lacking. We’re all lacking even as we’re capable.

You already know the solution to this. It scares you, it scares me too. To look outward and place our trust in someone or something outside of ourselves is always a scary proposition. It’s easy for people who are capable to try to be and do everything on our own. If we want it done “right” we have to “do it ourselves” don’t we? You have been hurt by your trusting- friends, family, community, church, work…relationships hurt…

And they heal too…and they nurture….and they sustain…and they make life possible in a world we cannot predict or control.

You are not prepared, Beloved…you cannot be prepared for what lies ahead…but you are capable to handle what comes. You are ready and able to reach out and know the depth of how very loved you are when the hard stuff hits. Already, the person that you are in every relationship shows this depth. Keep reaching out, keep building relationships, keep showing the love you have in that lovely, capable heart.

be encouraged….

-Mrs M


4 thoughts on “missive: be prepared

  1. good Lord, woman. get out of my head. ;^)

    i just tweeted something about this no more than a half-hour ago, how life’s uncertainties, mixed with others’ realities, can leave you in a standstill, no forward or backwards. as a person battling emotional abuse and abandonment issues, i find it a daily struggle to convince myself God is in control and satan’s got nothing on me. i feel the latter, and i feel it’s my fault. but, i fight that daily struggle with gutso.

    thank you for your wisdom (and thanks to email for daily letting me know it’s here!), you are a gift.


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