missive: storm

Dear one

It’s been stormy this week and I’ve thought of you. I’ve thought of you not because your life has echoed that storm but because of the color of the sky before the rain comes, the smell of the air just after and the sound of the water on the roof over my head.

The deep gray blue overhead comes swiftly, silently, confident. You have this essence about you. You bring this color into the room with you, not foreboding or menacing in the least, but cool and clear. There is comfort in this color, friend. Do you know this?

The air is sweet and savory. The sky breathes this because it’s seen the depth of the emotion you carry…and its just a little jealous, I think. Your emotion is carried so close, all the time, you can touch it as easily as a feather floats on the wind. There is strength in this emotion, friend. Do you know this?

Rain doesn’t know how not to speak it’s mind. Even when it falls on grass it’s speaking, telling it’s story to the earth. Each drop is a word, a syllable, syncopated and building unfolding the tale until everything is fed, everything is watered. There is truth in the telling, friend. Do you know this?

You are all of this and it’s is all good, all live giving, all vital.
You are the storm, the beautiful storm…and the world needs your beauty.

Don’t forget

-mrs m.


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