missive: lonely…

Dear one,

Lonely isn’t being alone. Lonely isn’t a physical state…it’s an emotion, a welcome emotion.

It’s alright to feel lonely.

I know that you don’t want to feel it. I know that you do everything possible to hide from the lonely when it shows up on your doorstep. Today, however I just want to tell you that it’s alright to greet the lonely when it comes to the door.

Lonely is the one presence that reminds you in fact, that you are NOT alone…it’s the reminder that you belong to you, you belong to the One who made you, you belong.

Lonely is the feeling that you greet with a reluctant, awkward side hug

Lonely is the one who asks for a kiss when you don’t feel ready to give it.

Lonely is the start of “I wish I had…” and “I wish I was…”

Lonely could really take you apart, if you let her.


So let her.

Choose your time well. Make it a safe time, a time when you can bleed it out, breathe it in, write it down and cry until the river of you floods. Lonely will not kill you, I promise. Denying her, might.

It’s alright to feel lonely…just know you are not alone.


-mrs m.


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