missive: clean

Dear one,

It’s spring, isn’t it? Can you feel the air changing? Can you see the light stretching out through the day, lengthening like arms drawn out wide ready for an embrace?

Spring holds some real comfort, some real promise, some real strength. Everything starts clean in the springtime. No matter what your climate, no matter what your hemisphere, spring begins the season of new, the season of clean, the season of life.

Just as we begin to understand the winter of our selves

our limbs made bare,

ground cold and solid,

skies clear and gray-

the rains come

to wash away the top layer

the dead leaves left to wear themselves away.

The rains come, the sky opens, the lightning strikes the heart

the thunder wakes that hibernating life in us, we’re ready, we’ve been waiting haven’t we?

Everything starts clean in the springtime, friend. It’s time for that new life to awaken in you. You’re ready. You’ve been waiting.

don’t forget

-mrs m.


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