missive: shoulder it well…

Dear one,

When you say that you’re “fine” in response to an offer of help I believe you. I believe that you are “fine” and capable and worthy and strong. I believe this. Taking an offer of help doesn’t always need to be an admission of weakness…or even need.

When things are heavy so often we CAN handle it. We DO handle it and we come out the other side “fine.” Tired, beaten down but “fine.”

Lovely friend, when an offer of help is extended I hope that you will take it because the offer exists, because as capable and worthy and strong and as “fine” as you are, we can all use the help. I know you can make it on your own. I know that you are more than ready to handle whatever comes your way. Still, when an offer of help comes I hope you will take it. I hope this because the possibility of you is unknown to you even now. The things you can do and will do are immense. There is so much MORE that will come – more good, more time, more peace, more joy. There is more.  And we see the reality of “more” in those found moments, the moments we would not have had if someone had not made an offer of help, given an opening of time and energy and love…

What it is in your life as you think on it that you insist on carrying alone even though there are hands there ready to help you? I know you can shoulder it alone…but letting others help means you may in fact,  shoulder it well and come out stronger on the other side.

Something to consider today….

-mrs m.


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