fotos: en guarde


Our version of “sports” apparently comes with swords. (Well, of course it does!) All four kids began Fencing last week. Henry insists on Fencing left-handed, like his sister (pictured here)…even though he’s a righty. It may have been a result of being introduced to “The Princess Bride” early in life. I call that a WIN.


6 thoughts on “fotos: en guarde

    • They are really digging it…Miles is struggling a little, though. I think it may be not being allowed to wave the sword around at people while screaming “Hello! I’m Indigo Montoya, you killed my father! Prepare to die!”

      Also, he has to actually wear clothes and he abhors wearing clothes.

      not. even. kidding.

  1. excellent! 🙂 my version of sports involves kicking an punching people, and I totally plan to introduce my kids to that when they’re big enough (my first is about to pop out any day now!)

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