missive: courage

Dear one,

You are hiding and yet you are not hidden.

For a long time, you WERE hidden. For a long time you were unseen and it made you feel safe. For a long time perhaps this hiding really did make you safe. There is very little we do without reason. You had a reason to hide.

In your hiding place you felt warm and safe, you felt held. It was dark and quiet. You could be alone. Answer questions only you could ask, hear answers only you could give, listen for the voice of the One who made you…and you did hear His voice, truly you did. You didn’t feel alone in your hiding place but over time,  you did begin feel lonely…and you did begin to feel afraid again.

Over time you began to doubt the questions and doubt the answers and doubt the voice of the One who made you. The dark became confining. The loneliness, suffocating.

It was your heart that gave you away, friend. It crept out first and announced your hiding place. Each beat of your beautiful heart, your lonely heart, your loving heart spoke-





You are still hiding….and yet you are no longer hidden. You are seen. Your heart gave you away. It announces you to each and every passerby who has ears to hear and eyes to see. So today I want most to tell you that you have been discovered.

And that it is time for you to step out into the light of day.

And that the sun will be very bright and you may feel blinded.

And that as soon as you greet the faces there, the people gathered who came to answer the call that your heart offered, you will want to hide again.

And that it will take courage for you to move toward the open places, the lighted places, the questions asked, the answers given.

It will take courage to realize that you are seen,

that you are loved,

that you are worthy,

to know that you no longer need to hide.

It will take courage to come out of hiding.

You have it….believe me.


-mrs m.


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