saving time…

It’s an ongoing struggle…a daily, sometimes hourly struggle, to get my writing done. I made myself a solemn vow to write every day and generally I fulfill that vow. Things being what they are though, I find it’s the first thing to get bumped from the schedule. I’m raising a pack of wild extroverts over here and they don’t like to sleep in late or go to bed early. I finally sat down to write today and realized this great truth that right now, with my children at home with me and my children being a pack of wild extroverts, my time is not my own.  I have to fight for it as if it’s a piece of meat to a starving group of wolves…and even when I do get time it’s inevitably punctuated with howling in the background.  At least I’m learning to write in the midst of chaos, I reckon.  There’s something in that.

So, this being Poetry Tuesday, this is my offering, supply your own canine soundtrack in the background if it helps:


saving time


the cage

has bars


by my arms wrapped tight

bear hug like

with room to breathe

heart beating against heart beating

the rhythm


as respiration eases

lulled by words I barely speak

soothed by hands

with time tellers cleverly hidden

and yet

no matter how I build its restraint

the day does manage

to escape


©ADC 2011


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