missive: in bloom

Dear one,

Last night I dreamt about the springtime…about newly cut grass and widely blooming flowers. I dreamt about the smell of rain in the air and fresh earth rising up, making way for everything new.

It is springtime. The trees are unrolling their leaves. The skies are remembering themselves now, stretching out as if waking from their long winters nap.

And you are remembering yourself too, you are springtime.

You are remembering the way you laugh, the way you dream while laying in a field of grass. You are remembering what you love and how you move. Each new spring day brings with it a multitude of moments for the clean air to reach into your lungs, for the memory of you to come to the surface, for the breath of life to release you from your long sleep cell.

Today, when you breathe this spring day remember yourself. Wrap your arms around you tightly and draw yourself in….then…open your arms and be the sky stretching…be the birds singing…be the flowers in bloom.

Remember yourself today. You are vital. You are in bloom.

Don’t forget

-mrs m.


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