Once I choose a line at the grocery store I have to stay put. I won’t change, even if a cashier in a neighboring line opens up and waves us over I stay. I don’t measure the odds, I don’t consider what everyone else is bringing to the line I just stay. Line loyalty….that’s what I got.

And yet I always manage to choose the very worst line in the store. I get the line with the lady using coupons for every item. I get the line where the checkbook is forgotten or the credit card declined. I get the line with the price checks and the damaged goods being replaced. I get the line where someone argues about whether it’s on sale or not.

So why don’t I abandon ship and move to another line?

I think I might be rooted in apathy. Why bother? Things happen. It’s all the same and all that.

But this isn’t really about grocery store lines, is it? Maybe this is really about a way of looking at the world. Maybe this is really about pessimism versus optimism, glass half full and glass half empty.

In my case I’m just glad to have a glass with any amount of water in it. Glass loyalty, that’s what I got…unless I’m in a down mood then, while I’m glad to have a glass I’m more concerned about what’s IN the glass as opposed to how full it might be….and do I need what’s in the glass? and how do I keep from spilling what’s in there? and how to I keep from breaking the glass?

What I really need is plasticware. Plasticware loyalty.

Or it could be I’m prone to over-think it.


1 thought on “lines…

  1. Lovely, Angela. Glass loyalty. Plasticware loyalty. Thinking on this much lately, how to be accepting and expecting of what God gives. Trying to find the way of living both at the same time….

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