I took a stroll down memory lane yesterday. As I walked down that street, the one I began in 2006 when I began writing for Mrs Metaphor I found myself wincing an awful lot. Mrs Metaphor has been a long and winding road, filled with early angst and strong coffee talk, it’s been a truly great thing for me as a writer.

5 years ago I might not have identified myself as a writer. Each time I attended a writing conference and met someone new they’d ask and I’d shrug off the question with lame answers like, “I try” or “sort of” or “I think so” and sometimes, “I don’t know.”  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe I could write and write well…it was more that I couldn’t prove it. I didn’t have much to show. I didn’t show my work around.

Writing here has meant that I have a place to show it around and to practice my craft. It’s been encouraging and daunting and wild and safe.

All that to say…first off,  I’ve compiled a number of old posts on the page tab above marked, “popular.”  These are posts that a number of people seemed to dig and some posts that I really like and want to show around again.  If you’ve got one you’d like me to add just say the word!

And secondly, thank you for reading. You know I’m all about the engagement and the fact that you take the time to read and share my work is humbling to say the least. I’m glad to be on this here path…and I’m glad to have company. 😉


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