missive: beauty

Dear one,

Do you know how beautiful you are? You are, really and truly, beautiful.

This beauty has little to do with the texture of your hair, with the quality of your complexion or the shape of your body. Every measure of your beauty, your real and true beauty is has it’s roots in the very creation and vibration of the earth.

The beauty you hold comes from the connection between you and the One who made you, did you know? This connection begins as a hum, deep in your chest. When you close your eyes in the quiet of the night you can almost hear it. As you occupy the car in your daily commute you can nearly touch it. When you make room for it as you spot a cardinal outside your window it’s thrumming in you is palpable for that one complete moment.

This is the beauty you hold. This is beauty that you can bathe in, like the tide coming in at the beach, like the rain falling from the sky. This is beauty that exists outside of you- continuous, eternal, available, essential. This is beauty that is embedded in you because you are made from it’s very essence so that no matter how you feel or how you look or what you wear it issues forth from you as the sweet clean scent of the eternal One.

Do you know how truly and deeply beautiful you are? Take this day, this moment, this word…and listen for that hum, that soft still voice that speaks the truth about you, that speaks the words of the One who made you. Take this chance to acknowledge this truth, that you are truly and deeply beautiful.

Don’t forget-

mrs m.


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