Well hello Poetry tuesday…I’ve a new poem for you.

This one came to me during a Women’s Writing Circle I attended this weekend. It was led by my sweet, talented friend Amy Lyles Wilson. I always refer to her as my friend Amy Lyles Wilson because I appreciate the way all three of her names run together…like three sisters with a southern accents all talking at the same time, all melodic muses. So there you go.

At any rate, this is a small poem conceived in the company of those muses. If you know me in person it helps to imagine me reading it to you with my own particular brand of William Shatner inspired oratorial style  🙂


I’m glad you don’t remember that time I cornered you at church

to rant about organized religion

the treatment of women

the absence of care

the ever expanding corporate leadership model and classroom style communication-

I was incensed.

I’m glad you don’t remember that you responded with a blank stare

obviously taken aback



unsure of what to say

as I rolled over you that day-

Me being all “tidal wave” and

you being all “fishing village.”


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