“vacation…all I ever wanted…vacation, had to get away”

-the go-go’s

I still remember that album cover and yes, I do mean “album” not CD, not digital download.

Oh criminy that sounded grumpity…that was one of those, “back in MY day” comments.


This is not about the Go-Go’s…a band to whom I choreographed an aerobic dance workout to for Health Class when I was in High School. (The nuns were not amused.) This is about vacation because I gots one, a last minute full on trip to Orlando with the familia. One big upside to having a husband who travels for work combined with the home-school thing we are currently rocking is that we can kind of take off whenever we want. The downside is that we don’t do a lot of planning for things like vacations. This makes me slightly mental. Combining the “last minute” nature of an event with my predilection for procrastination is  a recipe for crazy and that is one dish we serve around here far too often.

All that to say that we’re headed to the happiest place on Earth.

I know that some of you out there are wild about the happiest place on Earth and that’s awesome. I am, however, for the most part further on the curmudgeon end of the spectrum where the theme parks are concerned. I’d list off my reasons of why I dislike the whole theme park experience but that’s a post for another day plus, I’m working on being a lot more loving and grace-filled these days when I start waxing judgmental, so there’s that.

But…along came Harry.

Yes, I do love Harry Potter and all that goes with him. Just to put too fine a point on it I went to see the exhibit of the movie paraphernalia at the  Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago a while back and I started crying when we entered the Hall of Hogwarts. Crying. I started CRYING, people. Obsessed much? Yes, thank you.

At any rate, it goes without saying that the one park we will hit will be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’ll be my first time.  I’ll probably cry.  We’re bringing my mom along. She’ll probably cry too…I come by it naturally. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Be good.


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