car crash…

Listen. Quit asking the media to stop covering Sarah Palin…or Charlie Sheen or Snookie…but mostly Sarah Palin. Quit asking.

It’s not going to happen…and do you know why? Because it’s a precious few of us who can keep our eyes on the road after a car crash. Most of us are going to gawk. We’re the ones who cause the traffic build up after a crash, we look. Our reasons for looking might vary but not by much, I’d wager. We want to know what happened…we want to know the story or as much of it as we can gather from staring at the debris or the counting the number of ambulances and police cars. We live for the drama, we gawkers.

So quit asking the media to stop covering the stories because it’s just not going to happen.

I totally admit that while I don’t care much for Sarah Palin in particular I am also strangely drawn to that car crash. In fact, I would really like to make friends with Sarah Palin. I mean it, I’d like to be close friends with Sarah Palin.

It’s not that I admire her political leanings or her slippery grasp of the issues nor am I impressed with her (non)intellectual ramblings or her take on family values… it’s more that I just don’t get her.

At all.

I mean, I have questions…among other things-

Why the snarky folksy demeanor? Is that for real?

Why quit your job before your term ended?

Why drag your family around on a public bus tour “vacation” around the US?

At times like this I fall back to one of two positions either 1)move along, nothing to see here or 2)what the hell?  The former position indicates my reluctance to engage the crazy but it’s the latter that wins out most of the time. I just can’t drive by that car crash.  I rubber neck it as far as I can go to make some sense of this woman.

And gathering information from media, social or otherwise, about Sarah Palin doesn’t yield much. The picture of this person is painted on cardboard and burned on the edges showing nothing more than her ability to go up in flames on a moments notice. I’m certain there’s a real live girl in there, some 3D version of the digital file we are subjected to day after day. And it’s that real live girl I’d like to have a talk with, in person. I just want to know what kind of thought process is at work there, what kind of motivators, what the hell?

At this point someone might ask me to read her books but honestly, I don’t want to read the edited version put out there by a ghostwriter, I’d like to hear it outside a public forum. I think she needs to join my women’s small group or something, that’s what I think.  It’s the only fair shake I’d be able to give her really.  Being in authentic relationship is the only way I’ll be able to unravel the fascination I have with the wreckage on the side of the road.

So Sarah, if you’re reading this. Ring me, babe…meet me at a little coffee shop I know for a heart to heart. I’m buying.


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