missive: quiet

Dear one,

Quiet seems distant and haphazard these days. Quiet seems intangible, unattainable and rare…

and it is…in the outside world.

You have no control over the noise of this outside world. Your life is noisy and it will continue to be noisy for quite a while I’d wager. Turn your attention to your noisy inner life now. Listen there for a moment. One thought leads to another and another and yet another. Each thought lends an emotion unto itself- joy, fear, desperation, excitement. These thoughts tumble into one another like rocks falling from the side of a mountain, only unlike the mountains spewing rocks in the outside world, this mountain is yours, this mountain is you.

See yourself not as the small figure at the base of this grand mountain trying to arrange each rock as it falls while avoiding being crushed but rather as the mountain herself. The overwhelming, joyful, fearful, exciting rocks tumbling, they come from you, not toward you. Let them tumble if you’d like. Let them lay at your feet, waiting for your attention.

Each time the noise of your inner life begins it’s avalanche rumble remember that you are the mountain and gather it all in. Embrace it all as you, breathe in and quiet yourself with confidence as you reach up into the clouds.


Mrs M.


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