life and death…




I realize it’s not quite Fotos Friday…and yet when I ran across this picture yesterday I knew I wanted to put it out there for you all to see.

This is the chapel of St. Theodora located in Vasta, a small town in the Arcadia prefecture of Peloponnesos, Greece. This 11th century Saint disguised herself as a male soldier in order to help defend her people. She was mortally wounded and as she lay dying it is said that her last words were, ”Let my body become a church, my hair a forest of trees, and my blood a spring to water them.”

The townspeople were moved by this and built this chapel near her grave. The story goes that a river re-routed to run under the chapel and that not long after trees began to grow through the chapel itself. At this point there are 17 trees growing from and through the building.

Because I’m Mrs Metaphor and because I’ve been telling you for the last few weeks to “be the river” and “be the mountain” I thought it was fitting to share this story today…and this thought…being the river and being the mountain and being the church…these things are risky and vital. They require grace and courage, power and vulnerability. It’s all life and death around this here planet Earth. Be a part of it all, take it as it comes.


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