missive: messenger

Dear one,

Here is some truth- we all need to hear how beautiful we are from time to time.

No matter what comes to us when we look in the bathroom mirror each day, when we spot our reflection in the store window or the still pond near the park, we need to hear about our beauty from eyes outside of our own, from voices outside of our own.

So today I’m telling you how beautiful you are, because you are indeed beautiful.

Your smile, wide and ready

Your heart, open and loving

Your voice, sweet and compelling

Your arms, warm and comforting

You have a beauty intangible and etherial, rich and earthy and real. It shows, friend, in everything you do, believe me.

Today you needed to hear how beautiful you are because we all need to hear it. Locked too long inside of our own minds we begin to doubt, we begin to wander, we begin to worry that our beauty is lost forever…but it isn’t, I promise. This enduring beauty is fused strong in your spiritual dna, it belongs to you because it comes directly from the One who made you. Keep connected to this and you keep connected to the Creator. When He sends a messenger to remind you of that beauty, listen and believe and trust.

don’t forget

-mrs m.


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