another great idea…

My drafts folder is filled with great ideas…a paragraph of one good idea, a sentence of another, a third draft has simply one word…it’s a start anyway, right?

I opened the drafts folder today to find us some Ordinary Time for this week and each great idea began to talk to me in excited tones, “pick me, pick me!” In the end though I realized I have no time or energy to flesh out those great ideas today. I had this interesting thought about “blog posts” and “writing” as a craft and that was a great idea and so I added it to my drafts folder because the crux of the thing is this…I can bang out a post for this here blog in a few minutes and maybe it will be awesome and maybe it will be mediocre.

I’m not crazy about mediocre.

What’s more compelling to me is the lie I tell myself that I have this unlimited source of energy if only I can tap into it. At a certain point I have to admit that coffee isn’t the source. (Sorry, coffee.) When I’m in the lie I also begin to believe that I have an unlimited amount of time in which to complete all the great ideas that I have and then I realize that it’s 6:30pm and I have not yet started dinner. Real life slips past me in those moments and I’m missing the very thing I aim to write about. That’s crazy talk. That’s crazy living.

And so, in lieu of writing something awesome for you today I’m going to go outside and ponder a bit more, stoke the fire of creativity, do a little laundry and maybe wash the kitchen floor. These are all great ideas too.



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