Dear one,

We are in a constant state of movement, you know. Things are shifting all the time- The world turns on it’s axis and day flows into night, the earth moves in it’s orbit and Summer slides into Fall. The ground below us teems with life. The air above us vibrates with it’s own electrical charge. We are in a constant state of movement.

Everything changes.

I don’t want you to be afraid of changes, friend. I don’t want you to fear the shifting sand when the wave comes in. Just stand and feel the water on your feet, knowing that you are rooted well, no matter which beach you choose.

I want you to rest in the knowledge that the tide has it’s own rhythm, that the moon has it’s phases, that everything changes because this is the nature of living. Our real  task as humans on this big blue planet is not to steamroll our way into “sameness” but to bend as the wind blows- bend but not break. Our real task is to be a part of the change happening, to embrace with hands open, heart ready, breathing measured…because this is vital.

Everything changes.

The way we greet the change is what defines us.

don’t forget,

-Mrs M.


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