I dreamed I was a tattoo…

If one of your favorite poets offered to sit down and toss around beautiful words with you on a swell summer night just imagine what effect that might have on your evening, your life, your poetry.

Yeah, Luci Shaw and I did that a few nights ago…on Twitter…with a number of other Twitter poet types.

It was a sultry night on my porch-
I had a glass of merlot and a laptop. We’d begin with a prompt from Luci and a cascade of coolness would spring forth, words ushering words, beauty begets beauty…and it’s important to note that weird and silly begat weird and silly….and it all worked in an odd and surprising way. It was cool.

What is even cooler to note is that the lovely folks at Tweetspeak Poetry took our wild stream of consciousness and mapped it out. They wandered the edges of that meandering waterway…noting the shape and form, delicate flowers and vibrant vines…then put it all together to share.

There were over 20 of us paddling that trippy stream that night and apparently as a group, we rock.

All this to say that I’m sharing it with you, sweet poetry lovers. And if you are so inclined I hope you’ll join in next time. Find more info on Tweet Speak here: How we Tweet

I dreamed I was a tattoo

We yawn and turn to take our tea
a carapace split of memory,
a tattoo of love, mysterious to read
a carapace of forgotten dreams,
dreaded burden, rainbow hope shards.

I dreamed I was a tattoo,
sinking beneath the skin
In what dark alleys will
you find the right tattoo
that speaks of love?

Like  spiders who wish only to fly
we turn and yawn into our tea,
leaves too mysterious to read.
Lift the curtain too and
the skirted cloth at the table.

You drove under my skin
labyrinth tattoos from heart,
mind, longing, soul, tattoos
of love, stained blue, stained red
always red/stained emerald and azure.

We forget we bleed when the needle
hits the skin. I dreamed my skin
was tattered writhing under a tattoo,
burning through to my soul;
a paltry thing.


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