thursday grab bag….the search for Duende…

You, my friends, are wonderful. You helped my friend Julie Lee with her kickstarter campaign and now this beautiful work will see the light of day and air around your ears super duper soon…

I have another sweet find for you. Of course, this being Nashville there will be no lacking of awesome talent I can turn you on to in the coming decades, this is a given, but you really oughta know Matthew Perryman Jones. You really outta.

So, here’s a chance, once again to fund some local goodness and send it out into the world at large.

This here’s the kickstarter page and things you need to know ’bout Mr Jones…

Matthew Perryman Jones

Straightpin Nashville, TN

Matthew Perryman Jones is a singer/songwriter, based out of Nashville, TN.

He’s recording in Austin, TX in early August, with a release date scheduled for winter 2012.

Matthew’s had songs featured in major films (“Something Borrowed”) and on several TV shows (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Bones”, “One Tree Hill”, etc…). He’s toured with Ingrid Michaelson and shared the stage with Patty Griffin and Paula Cole.

USA Today has described his music as “Gorgeous,” and American Songwriter says “…Matthew’s voice ensnares listeners with a rare authenticity and gritty strength.”





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