fueling the search engine…rubbernecking.

I have this new idea. I’m going to answer search engine questions really directly as they come in…or at least I’m going to try…because I love the search strings I get. I mean, I love them, a whole lot.

Here’s your first installment-

“Do women rubberneck at car crashes?”

The post the search engine yielded for this lovely searcher was Car Crash…which centered around my morbid fascination with Sarah Palin but to answer your question more directly, dear searcher-

Yes. Yes, we do.

Now I can’t speak for every woman but I can tell you that I do it but then we tend to look away and pretend I wasn’t looking. I look because I worry that I might know the person. Honestly, that’s why I look. It’s screwy but it’s true. I look away because I don’t want to appear to be a busybody.

I could say that I look because I want to see if I can help somehow but that’d be a lie. I’m no medical professional, I got nothing to offer in the help department save offering up a moment of prayer, which I do, because frankly I am aware how little I have to offer in a physical sense at that moment.

So, there you go, random search engine user…women do rubberneck at car crashes. Everyone does. It’s human nature.


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