missive: here,now

Dear one

Live here, now.

It’s easy to get caught up in what has happened or what might yet happen. It’s easy to escape the now by ducking into the dark spaces of the past, places where safety comes because you’ve been there, done that. Safety comes in those dark spaces because they are enclosed, understood, remembered.

It’s easy to escape the now by reaching forward into the fuzzy ether of the future. Safety comes in those abstract places because anything can happen, because we can imagine ourselves handling new events with superhuman strength and wisdom. The future talk feels like planning ahead, being prepared.

The truth is that the present is all we really can wrap our arms around. The present is here, now. It is messy and hard to discern. It is chaotic, frenetic, continuous. Every moment you can embrace, truly, is here and now.

It’s not a terribly comforting thought when the present moment is filled with storms and swords, I know. What I want most today to tell you is that even in the storm there is a moment to reach out your hands, intertwine arms and greet the good. In the midst of the stress, the change, the fear, the doubt there is always, always, always one moment you may drink in because you are thirsty and because you are in need.

Look for it.

It may be making eye contact for just a second with someone you love, it may be a quiet breath, it may be a color you notice for the first time in a wall of gray, it may be the sweet kiss of a child- fast and fleeting. When you see that chance, that drink of water, take it…feel it….let it in and you’ll find it fills you up for this present moment.

don’t forget-

Mrs M.


2 thoughts on “missive: here,now

  1. Wonderful thoughts Angela! It brings back memories to me of some special moments with my children, my family and friends that I want to keep near to my heart. Here is hoping that there is a shining moment in your day today.

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