idiot psalms…

This poetry tuesday finds me in a new place…geographically and emotionally. On the physical map I’m in Chicago now and emotionally I’m overwhelmed and sad and excited. Both places are old, familiar territory.

For whatever reason last week before we moved I couldn’t sleep. Gee I wonder what that was, huh?

To the late night soundtrack of all four of my children coughing and sniffing the phrase “Idiot Psalms” came to me. This is a collection of poems by this poet I like an awful lot, Scott Cairns. Still waiting on the full book to surface but in the meantime I did find a couple online that I thought I’d pass along.

I’d suggest reading them as a group here:

I’ll give you one to get you started…enjoy!

Idiot Psalms




       A psalm of Isaak, accompanied by baying hounds.

O Shaper of varicolored clay and cellulose, O Keeper
                     of same, O Subtle Tweaker, Agent
                     of energies both appalling and unobserved,   
                     do not allow Your servant's limbs to stiffen
                     or to ossify unduly, do not compel Your servant   
                     to go brittle, neither cramping at the heart,   
                     nor narrowing his affective sympathies
                     neither of the flesh nor of the alleged soul.
Keep me sufficiently limber that I might continue
                     to enjoy my morning run among the lilies   
                     and the rowdy waterfowl, that I might
                     delight in this and every evening's intercourse   
                     with the woman you have set beside me.
Make me to awaken daily with a willingness
                     to roll out readily, accompanied
                     by grateful smirk, a giddy joy,   
                     the idiot's undying expectation,   
                     despite the evidence.



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